Moi-stik x 4




Supplied as 4 x boxes of 50 x foiled packs – each containing three moist, soft cotton tipped applicators – the Moi-Stik is a unique oral hygiene product.

The large cotton applicator tips, adhered and wound around the shaft, are pre-moistened with Saliveze Dry Mouth solution. This alcohol free, sugar free aqueous solution contains important electrolytes and is one of the most widely prescribed Dry Mouth solutions.Moi-Stik applicator

The Moi-stik is perfect for use on the ward or care environment to help gently cleanse the mouth whilst offering lubrication and Dry Mouth relief.

Unlike many Dry Mouth products, Moi-Stik is pH neutral. This is important as any increase in acidity in the mouth can lead it added soreness and accelerated tooth decay.

This is a Bulk option supplied as 4 x boxes of 50 pouches (each pouch contains 3 x Moi-Stiks)

Prices include VAT.

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